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On-line Stores

Life's Abundance dog and cat food is sold on-line through distributor sites. We have been distributing Life's Abundance products since 2006. All orders are processed and shipped through Life's Abundance.

Secure Web Site

McAfee Secure Protects You Against Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. You may notice the "McAfee Secure" logo in the footer of our web site. McAfee Secure is an independent third party that scans our web site every day to make sure it is safe for you to shop. The "McAfee Secure" logo with the date underneath it means our web site was last tested and certified on that date to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test. The McAfee Secure mark also means the site was tested to ensure it meets the standards of the credit card industry and is PCI compliant.

Delivered Fresh

Life's Abundance dog and cat food is delivered fresh from the manufacturer - generally within 4 to 6 weeks of preparation. Pet food found in retail stores can be mishandled and sit on the shelves for many months.

Quality Control

Life's Abundance products are made using premium quality ingredients and components, selected based on their quality. Our manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and our distribution centers have quality controls in place to ensure product safety. In most cases, our product standards exceed those of U.S. and European safety standards and International guidelines for purity and quality.