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What Customers Say About Life's Abundance

I have 3 large dogs all of different breeds. They all love this dog food. They eat once in the morning and once at night. My boxer who is 9yr old now has always been a picky eater since she was a puppy. She would never eat unless everyone was home and was the type to just go to her bowl eat a little then walk away. I now don't have that problem! She eats all her food as soon as I put the bowl down. I now know all the dogs are getting the right amount of dog food and not trying to watch her food so the others won't eat it. She has been able to keep weight on. I'm very happy with my results!!!!
10 days ago
I thought I was buying quality dog food, until I tried Life's Abundance Allstages. My dogs love it, and are eating less with less waiste. But they are getting even better nutritional value from it. Love it.
11 days ago
We have tried so many different types of dog food over the years, trying to find one that worked for our pups at all stages in their lives. This by far has been the best product we have found. Our dogs coats looks amazing, they have more energy and our puppies are born bigger and stronger than ever before. We love Life's Abundance. Highly recommend!
11 days ago
Pooches love the foods. Placed our previous food and LA in front of our dogs for a week. They always went straight for LA and never ate the previous food. I think that proves a lot. I challenge everyone to this test.
11 days ago