About Pet Systems.com

Bonnie Rubin is the owner of Pet Systems.com. Bonnie developed this site to specifically help owners learn about feeding their dogs a , Tasty diet which supports the philosophy of dog training.

Bonnie has been in the business of dogs for over 20 years. Life's Abundance only sells through distributors and we believe experience and knowledge counts. Our job is to work together with you to help your dogs live a long Tasty and happy life! Bonnie has been a proud distributor of Pet Foods since 1996.

Her deep love of dogs led her to research and discover what good canine nutrition should consist of. Bonnie truly believes our dogs should live 18 to 25 years. But, because the commercial pet food industry has been allowed for so many years to put low-cost, inferior ingredients into our pet foods, she concludes it probably contributed to the early death of so many of her beloved companions. Bonnie is determined to help other loving dog parents avoid this devastating heartache. Our dog's deserve high-quality ingredients and nutrition - which is why she uses, recommends and sells Life's Abundance!

Bonnie believes that health, nutrition and obedience go hand-in-hand. A dog full of health and vitality is happy and content. What you feed your dog is important towards not only reaching your training goals but a life with fewer health concerns - and fewer trips to the vet.

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