About Life's Abundance

In 2012 Life's Abundance received a prestigious award as one of the top 50 Florida Companies to Watch. Growing second-stage businesses statewide have the opportunity to join an elite group of nationally recognized companies as part of Florida Companies to Watch, an awards program that celebrates second-stage companies throughout the state of Florida.-

Like many companies, Life's Abundance started small. In 1998, Dennis and Carol Berardi co-founded Trilogy International, now Life's Abundance with a commitment to offer exceptional health products for people, the planet and pets. From the outset, they employed two other people, including Stephen Berardi, Dennis’ brother. Together, they worked out of the office of Dennis and Carol’s home in Palm City, FL.

In 1999, Dennis and Carol began searching for qualified product formulators. Within a few weeks the duo met with fate, at a pet fair where one of the nation’s leading holistic veterinarians, Dr. Jane Bicks, was in attendance. Soon, a great partnership was formed. With Dr. Jane onboard, the company quickly added more professionals – Ann McEver, Linda Logue and Lester Thornhill – each with their own areas of expertise. It wasn’t long before they realized they had too many people working in that one-room office, and soon they moved their new “home office” in Stuart, FL. Soon, there were more hires and product was flying off the shelves.

In October of 2010, the company officially changed its name to Life's Abundance, Inc. 2012 was a banner year for Life's Abundance. In July we moved into our new headquarters in Jupiter Florida. Our new facility was custom built from the ground up to support our growing company. This is the result of all the hard work from our Field Reps and all of the Life's Abundance employees. We are so proud to call this our home! In 2013, the Company achieved another milestone, becoming 100% employee owned by executing an ESOP transaction. The Jochum's and the Berardi's remain with the Company in the same capacities they held before the ownership change.

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